Monday, June 3, 2019

McCalls 8338: Vintage Snuggie/Cult Robe

If, after my last post and my York apron post from earlier this year, you still haven't considered joining the cult of Meg and Martha, I urge you peruse the literature below and reconsider your life choices...

Last year I went home to visit my mom and she was wearing the most amazing, comfiest looking garment I had ever seen. I was immediately captivated and knew it would be the best thing that had ever happened to me. 

It was her winter house robe, made from a vintage pattern from her stash. It's McCall's 8338, which is a delightfully crazy "lounge dress" pattern from 1982. Just look at that cover!:

Needless to say, I had to have one, especially after seeing the pattern. I mean, it's effectively an enormous, stylish, vintage Snuggie, perfect for New England winters and drafty old houses! 

I basically begged my mom to indoctrinate me into her vintage pattern cult. "Make It Tonight!," I said to her, as instructed by the pattern cover.

The pattern is a "one-size-fits-all", raglan-sleeved, full-length dress with the shoulders and neckline gathering into a turtleneck or drawstring casing. The billow-y sleeves are elasticized at the wrist.

Mine is full length and my mom's is shortened by a couple of inches.

My mom sewed both versions out of no-pill fleece from Joann for maximum coziness. Her was a clearance rack special, and mine had originally been purchased to make a warm version of Helen's Closet Suki Robe. We were short on fabric for mine, so it has a contrasting turtleneck. Speaking of the turtleneck, it has a pleasantly oversized and cozy shape:

This thing is so, so much fun to wear. I wore mine basically every night after work all winter, much to Tim's dismay. I will admit to not answering the door once because I was wearing it and wasn't quite sure the cult robe was ready for public viewing. Ha!

Thanks, Mom!

PS: Vintage Snuggie Cult meetings are Tuesdays at 6. See you there.


  1. I would wear the heck out of that if I lived in a colder climate. It's a blanket with arms. You two are so adorable.

  2. You guys always look like you're having so much fun together, it's really sweet.

  3. Hilarious. I remember my mom having something quite similar to the non-turtleneck version back in the 80s. She didn't sew so she must have bought it in the store.

  4. Very cozy looking!
    Just for giggles, look up Burda 4726.
    Mary in Thailand

  5. The photos are too cute! My sincere condolences to Tim. ☹
    BTW: Burda 4726 is hysterical. (The perfect bottom to a carrot costume!)

  6. I love cuddly clothes. Something I dearly miss living in the hot hot desert of AZ. (Did I mention it was hot?) LOL
    You both look cozy and warm. Mary_in_AZ