Friday, March 29, 2019

Sew Bibs: Helen's Closet York Aprons

My mom and I had so much fun taking photos of these York Aprons for #SewBibs!

OK, maybe I had fun and my mom was like "Meg, seriously. This is too much."

I thought these York Aprons (made with the apron expansion pack for the Helen's Closet York Pinafore) would be great projects to use up some random fabric in my stash... I also used up some long-stashed (like, since around the time I was born) packaged bias tape from my mom's stash. 

For my apron, I chose a size XL. I made these before the new, numbered sizes York pattern came out, but if I had used that versions, I would have chosen a size 18. 

The fabric is some home dec weight cotton/poly blend stuff from Ikea in a gorgeous scientific, botanical print. It's been marinating in the stash for years... maybe almost 6 years old, as we went to Ikea precisely once in Bangkok when we first moved there and I haven't been since!

I used the sort of segmented utility pocket option for both aprons, figuring more pockets is always better. In an ideal world I would have payed closer attention when cutting my pocket to align the print better and eliminate the mirroring I have going on, but it's a kitchen apron, so I am not too worried about it.

My mom's is a size L, I believe, although she measures much smaller than that on the top half of her body, I figured the York's narrow straps wouldn't be problematic for her small shoulders.

The fabric for my mom's apon is a blue, purple and teal palm-like print I bought at Hieng Yoo Huat (one of my favorite Bangkok shops) when we are still in Southeast Asia.

I'll be honest: I have no idea what this fabric is. It's tightly woven, but light. It's got a slightly stiff, waxy feel, and yet it doesn't smell like poly or wax when ironed on high heat.

I don't know what my plans were when I originally bought it, but after washing it, knew it would be too stiff and noisy for regular clothes. But for an apron, no problem!

The aprons turned out great! Fabulous pockets, cute shape, great fabrics... I love how elegant the crisscross back is, too.

Do you think our photo shoot was a bit reminiscent of my Swedish Chef Halloween costume?