Wednesday, March 13, 2019

Sew Bibs: Simplicity 8641 Sew House Seven Jumper

This #SewBibs project is a breath of fresh, summery air in this long, Vermont winter!

This project is a bit of wishful thinking at this point since there is still like a month and a half of winter left here, but Sew Bibs (which you can learn more about by heading to Teri's post!) was the perfect push to make this pattern that had been in my stash for a while now!

The pattern is Simplicity 8641, which is a Sew House Seven design. It's basically a dress/jumper version of the Burnside Bibs, with its relaxed fit, lovely long ties and cinched, paperbag-style waist. You know I love the Burnside Bibs I made during testing a couple years back. I figured it could only get better with the skirt version (fewer bathroom issues!).

Simplicity 8641 has lots of mix-and-match options: different skirt widths and lengths, curved or straight bibs, curved patch pockets or slash pockets, side slits or zipper options: 

For my Simplicity 8641, I opted for View D, with the curved bib, curved patch pockets, and below-the-knee A-line skirt, and lots and lots of topstitching (none of which is particularly visible in my photos, but trust me, it's there!). 

Looking at the pattern's body and finished measurements tables, I opted for a size 22. That's bigger than I normally go for with Simplicity and other Big 4 patterns, but the tables suggested there wasn't as much ease as there can sometimes be with those patterns. Worked out perfectly, though!

For fabric, I used this bright orange linen/rayon blend from Joann, a substrate I've used before (see: Willow, Hvar) and love. The linen texture and rayon drape are on point.

And the color! If you had told me a few years ago that I would be wearing orange, I would have scoffed at you. But I'm into it big time these days... I think I can trace my love of orange back to my Blackwood cardigan (which sadly died in a tragic laundry accident... pouring a little bit out for that workhorse cardigan!). I particularly love orange with a blue-y green, teal or turquoise, like my accents here. A little complementary color action for #SewHappyColor?!

So, back to the pattern: I made this pretty much straight out of the envelope, with no fit changes. I did make a few minor construction changes, though. 

First: the strapping. So. Much. Strapping. I was having a lot of trouble turning these super long straps right side out as the instructions suggested, even with my tube turning tool. I ultimately ended up folding them in on themselves as described in the Burnside Bibs sewalong just recently posted on the Sew House Seven blog. 

Second: the belt loops. I was about to sew the belt loops on the back waist using the markings provided in the pattern, but I noticed the placement looked a bit odd. They were all sort of crammed close to the center back.

I double-checked the pattern piece and noticed that the markings were in the same location for all of the sizes, even as the side seams grew further away from center back. I shifted mine around, spacing them about 2.5" apart from each other and from the side seam. Better.

I really love this jumper/pinafore/bib thing! It's cheery, cute, and incredibly comfy. I have visions of myself swanning around the farmer's market this summer in this outfit... counting down the days! So glad that #SewBibs pushed me to make this pattern!

On the Sew Bibs front, don't forget to head to Terri's blog to check out all of the sewing pattern and fabric discounts available over the course of the challenge, keep an eye on the #SewBibs hashtag for inspiration, and follow Teri, Heidi and Jessamy for the giveaways we've got every few days!