Friday, March 25, 2022

Paisley Cashmerette Vernon Shirt

Last week I said to myself, "Meg, you need a new white buttonup shirt. A classic, simple, white buttonup. The one you made a few years back is a little snug and a little stained."

So today I'm here to share... not a new white buttonup. Instead, I made a magenta and acid green paisley, pointy collar, big puffy lantern sleeve, fashion-forward shirt of dreams (or nightmares, if you're more of a white buttonup person!).

I blame it on that desperate feeling one gets in March in Vermont when you're fully fed up with the greys of winter and need bright and cheerful things in your life.

I started tracing View A of the newest pattern from Cashmerette, the Vernon Shirt, but midway through I strayed into View B. Go big or go home, I guess. I did use the regular button placket from View A, though.

View A of the Vernon pattern is a classic shirt with a traditional collar and collar stand, and full sleeves with narrow cuffs, while View B is a fashion-forward version with a dramatic collar, covered button placket, and lantern sleeves with wide cuffs.

Note: I received a copy of the Cashmerette Vernon shirt for free for being a tester, but all opinions are my own. 

I cut a size 20 C/D Vernon, which corresponded with my measurements, and it worked out great. I could maybe blend to a size 18 in the hips, but I'm fine with how it turned out. 

The fabric is a paisley cotton lawn I bought when I lived in Bangkok. 

Lovely colors: magenta, bright pink, acid green, a little bit of grey and tan. Busy, but fun.

The fabric/pattern combo makes for a dramatic '70s style shirt that is out of my norm, but incredibly fun! 

Rather than buttons I used pearl snaps. The hammering helps me let off steam. 

I don't know what's happening in this photo below, or the one above for that matter, but I feel like this shirt inspires weird posing: 

I'm pretty delighted with my Vernon shirt! It's loud, dramatic, a little weird, and it fits great. 

Tim feels differently about it, although I think he was coming around until this pairing, with my hot pink Clove Vest, which made him audibly shudder!


  1. Love the shirt, but maybe not with the vest!

  2. The vest is what sold me on it, personally!

  3. MEN! What do they know? I love it with the vest.

  4. I was on the fence, but definitely love this shirt and the fabric

  5. I love it with and without the vest!

  6. I Love it. Those colours paired in this blouse are just the right combi.

  7. Lovely blouse in lovely colourful Paisley fabric.

  8. Great job - looks really cute on you. I think a white vest would look great with that blouse. The fabric is beautiful and the pink vest takes away from that. I would pair that pink vest with something that doesn't already have a lot of pink in it. You know - to much of a good thing - and all that.

  9. Beautiful shirt! Love it and it looks lovely on you!

  10. I am a fan of the shirt and vest, but maybe with black pants? Love pink and black together! Mostly, anything that makes you feel as great as this outfit does in your photos, is perfect.

  11. Looks great! I love Meg's stuff. We're a similar shape and I often take the plunge after seeing how great a pattern looks on her.