Monday, March 28, 2022

Batik Jackson Tee

 It's that time of year where Timmy gets all the handmade shirts.

Buttondowns, t-shirts... he gets them all for his birthday. Along with a beer or two.

This particular tee is another long sleeve Helen's Closet Jackson Tee/Pullover since he enjoyed the one I made him last year

The fabric is a springy and soft cotton lycra jersey that's been in my stash since we lived in Indonesia. It's from a shop in Bali that my friends and I dubbed "Balinese Anthropologie," but really called Pithecanthropus

They had an assortment of batik clothes and houseware, but also some fabric, including this navy and gold jersey printed with a traditional batik motif. So not true wax-resist batik, but a batik motif. 

Like the previous version I made, this is a size 18, View D, the longer pullover with long sleeves and a hem band. I lengthened the sleeves  by 2.5 inches and the body by 1/2 inch.

In this busy print, it's a lot of look, and I'm not sure Tim was convinced at first, but after seeing the golden light photos, I think he's into it. 

I think he might have found it more immediately palatable if it had solid navy cuffs, hem and neckline, and I slightly regret not thinking of that. But it grew on him and I'm not unpicking all those serger stitches!


  1. Lucky Timmy! That shirt is beautiful and he looks great in it.

  2. I second Carol. Looks fabulous Tim

  3. I love it - you've achieved a wonderful fit & the colours are great. I've never sewn my husband anything except masks so you're already Queen Wifey. Good job :)

  4. The shirt is beautiful! Great idea for my husband...
    If your readers are looking for Batik jersey, they should look at I didn't find a navy and gold, but when they have it in stock, the black and gold is lovely