Tuesday, May 10, 2022

Jackson Tee Four Ways

It's feeling spring-y here in Vermont, finally, so I'm thinking about summer sewing. And summer sewing means t-shirts...

It all started with the white t-shirt. I really wanted a classic white tee, and I immediately thought of the Helen's Closet Jackson Tee, which I made a few times last year and really loved

All of these Jackson tees are size 20 in View A, which is the shorter tee with the short sleeves. 

I love the Jackson's boxy fit, slightly dropped shoulder, hip length, and high neckline.

The white fabric I bought from Joann in a pinch. It's a cotton/lycra jersey and it's quite beefy. 

I'm pretty hard on my t-shirts, so I seem to need new ones fairly regularly. I might have gone a little bit overboard here by making four of them, but once I got started with the white one, I kept pulling out several perfectly sized remnants from my stash. 

The maroon tee is made with cotton modal jersey leftover from my Dartmouth top. I had to cut the sleeves a teeny bit shorter to fit them on my remnant. 

The green is a slubby cotton blend of some sort, and I've had this remnant in my stash for literally for-e-ver. You can see the Deer and Doe Plantain t-shirt I made from it years ago, one of my very early sewing projects! 

The red is another remnant, left over from this twist-y top I made a couple years back. The color is just amazing. 

I'm pretty delighted with all of these Jackson tees! I'll definitely get a ton of wear out of them. 


  1. I love the length you chose, just right!! RTW are always too long.
    I too need new tees each spring and summer!!! I have 3 ready so far!

  2. Great stashbusting here, Meg! Loving these colours 😍

  3. I love the colors on you. All of them. How fun to have 4 and use remnants. Thank you for the pictures and links!

  4. Excellent! You can't have too many tees in different colors - for one thing, stuff happens to them...spots, fading, etc. Always need a fresh supply!

  5. Did you make your jeans? I like these t-shirts. I think you're going to get a lot of wear out of them this summer. Great colors!

  6. Hi! Just wanted to say thank you for sharing these tees (the boxy fit looks just right), as well as the lovely countless other patterns you’ve made and left notes on. Your blog is wonderful, and I often find myself seeing if you’ve made something up before I sew, since you’ve got great notes on fit and ease of sew, etc. My favorite bit is hearing how you manage to use a different yardage than the pattern requires, as that is a challenge I often do, and my husband nicknamed it “pattern Tetris”, trying to fit all my pieces to cut out on an often too-small piece of fabric. Thanks for sharing such sewing details with us fellow sewists, it is so appreciated and enjoyed! - Kay