Sunday, February 13, 2011

Knitting: My First Scarf

The Real Martha always seemed fairly proud of me as I accomplished various goals in life... graduating high school, college, law school, etc. But I knew deep down inside she would never see me as a complete person until I learned how to knit. Thus, my quest to learning the old-lady art of knitting. Bam, Martha, check out this scarf. What's up now? ;-)

On a whim a few weeks ago I signed up for the Crash Course in Knitting at Stitch DC, a local yarn shop. The Crash Course gave me the very basics of knitting and set me on my way to making a big scarf using the garter stitch. Marie at Stitch DC is super patient and easy to learn from... plus the yarn at Stitch DC is to die for. I ended up using this beautiful merino wool yarn from Lorna's Laces in a variegated yellow, teal and grass green called "Daffodil."With some phone support from The Real Martha, some troubleshooting help from Ms. O'Brien, and a little help from the Lion Brand Yarn website (which has great step-by-step directions and videos, although you have to give your email address to access them), I was able to pull this big scarf together in a couple weeks with enough time to wear it a couple times before winter is (hopefully) over.

Next project: baby hats and learning to knit in the round!

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