Wednesday, September 19, 2012

Shirt Striped Baby Romper

Before heading to Australia, Amy generously offered to bring me some stuff from the U.S., which she did, in spades.  Cheetos, soap... you name it.  I had also asked Martha if she had any extra baby clothes patterns or fabric that she hadn't gotten around to using/wasn't planning on using at she could send with Amy.  Never one to skimp on crafting materials, Martha sent 15 patterns, some of them circa 1970, as well as approximately 500 yards of fabric, some of which also dates back to that era.  Amy and Adam were good sports and dragged this all across the world for me:

That's a lot of patterns:
Fabric addiction much?
 In repayment for their porter services (and because Alex is cuper cute), I made Baby Alex a little blue romper using some of the fabric and a pattern (Butterick B5625, view A) that Martha sent.  Love it!  Hopefully he'll be able to wear it next summer!

Making this romper forced me to learn and use some new skillz, including applying facings, understitching, double stitching, and making buttonholes with my machine.  Thank god for the internets for guiding me through these things.  I did have to make about 25 buttonholes on scrap fabric before getting it right, but ultimately it worked out and now I'm a pro: