Tuesday, May 6, 2014

Batik Anda Tunic

When she was in Thailand, Chrissy was eyeballing my Anda tunic (Anda is a Burdastyle pattern).  I told her I could make her one, so she picked a piece of Indonesian batik from my stash.  I only got around to making it months later, but I don't think the delay is killing her.  It's not like one can wear a sleeveless cotton tunic in Michigan winter...

Anywho, the batik is really pretty: blue, purple and green flowers on a background whose color defies description... it's not black, it's not brown, it's not navy.  I ended up choosing a bright blue thread and bias tape, figuring that if I couldn't match it exactly, I should go for a complementary color.

I sewed the elastic casing on the inside and used bias tape on the neck and sleeves.

Pretty cute!  She promised me a photo of her wearing it when the weather warms up a bit... 

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