Friday, May 23, 2014

Batik New Look 6808

This pattern, New Look 6808, caught my eye when I was perusing the "best of" pages on it was a best of from way back in 2012, but it looked like such a good basic/blank canvas, I thought it was worth adding to my pattern stash.

I finally got around to sewing it up in an inexpensive hand-stamped batik I bought in Indonesia. I figured it would make a cute work blouse, and it did!  I definitely see myself making more versions of this top to go under suit jackets or blazers for work... perhaps a couple solid-color, sleeveless versions would fit the bill!

I sewed View B, the simplest of all the blouse options: boat neck with cap sleeves.  I was able to pull the shirt over my head without the zipper, so I left the zipper out.

I love the neckline; super flattering!  The sleeves, on the other hand, were a beast to sew in.  They are not supposed to be gathered, and yet, mine are.  Other people around the interwebs seemed to have a similar problem.

The shirt is quite fitted through the body as a result of the fisheye darts on the front and back (my first fisheye darts; I had to look up some tutorials to figure out how to sew them!).  It makes me a wee bit self-conscious in the belly area when it's untucked, but it's actually the perfect blouse for tucking into a skirt or pants because it's so fitted/sleek through the bodice:

My top has some extra fabric bunching up in the back (that is kinda hard to see the way I am standing below)... perhaps I need a swayback adjustment?  I can't be bothered for this blouse, but if I were to make it again I might try to remedy that situation if I can figure out how.