Sunday, May 11, 2014

Me Made May Update #2

Me-Made-May: my second update!  A little more variety this week, for sure, but still a casual week of working at home, running errands and some sewing stuff.

May 6: Vintage fabric Anna Maria Horner Painted Portrait blouse, paired with a jean pencil skirt:

May 7: Almost forgot to take a photo, but got a nighttime mirror selfie of the outfit I wore to run errands around town (and tape together some PDF patterns), my batik Anda tunic and some leggings.  Plus a me-made turquoise bracelet!:

May 8: a double me-made day... after a round of errands in my sheer polka dot Josephine blouse, I got so sweaty (as one is wont to do in Bangkok's sweltering heat!) that my leather purse strap started bleeding on it (boo!), so I changed into my green Meghan peasant blouse for the remainder of the day:

May 9: Most of the day I spent at home sewing (in my non-me-made pajamas) and avoiding Bangkok's latest round of protests, but in the evening I threw on my wearable muslin By Hand London Anna dress (why I have not made another one of these yet?!) with some flipflops and went to the local bar for some (sweaty) streetside beers:

May 10: Brunch in the neighborhood in my batik kimono frankentop, paired with a stretch pencil skirt:

May 11: Bumming around the house on a Lazy Sunday in my neon popcorn Plantain... some truly awful photography for which I apologize:

May 12: Photo bombed by Lincoln while wearing my linen-y Scout t-shirt with skinny jeans: