Saturday, January 23, 2016

Roberts Collection Jumpsuit

Hey-o! Who's got jumpsuit fever?*

I've been intrigued by Marilla Walker's Roberts collection jumpsuit since the pattern was released. I eased my way into the pattern by making just the top (see here), and then went full out by sewing up the jumpsuit next. A little Insta-peer pressure didn't hurt, either!

Even though the jumpsuit I made a few months ago has been a runaway (albeit surprise) success for me (I wear that comfy sucker all the time!), I wanted to delve deeper into the world of the onesie.

My first foray into the world of the jumpsuit was more in my style comfort zone: wide-legged pants and higher, nipped-in waist. The Roberts jumpsuit's lower waist and pleated, pegged pants made me nervous... and yet extremely curious!

I think I like it! It'll take more getting used to, particularly the lower, almost-drop waist and the generally loose fit around the body. The Roberts is not a jumpsuit for highlighting your tiny waist (not that mine is tiny... in fact, I worry a bit that the jumpsuit's waistline is cutting me right across one of my problem areas).

But do I care that it might not be particularly flattering? Nope. The comfort level is super high and I like feeling like a sassy auto mechanic! Or an overgrown toddler. Or maybe like I could be an extra in that old Billy Joel video (sorry for getting that song in your head and for outing myself as old enough to remember this video). It's fun, it's different and I like it.

It's hard to see in these photos, but the back of the jumpsuit has that same triangle seam detail that the blouse does:

My fabric is some super lightweight denim-y stuff with little woven diamonds (they kinda look like circles from afar). I bought it locally here in Bangkok and might go back for some more. It's really quite soft, with just the right amount of drape.

Size-wise, I went the same route as for my Roberts top: 5 on top, graded to 6 at the hip. Seemed to work nicely! Other than grading between sizes, I didn't make any changes.

The pattern went together beautifully. It was very easy and pretty quick to sew. I opted for serged seams (rainbow serger thread, naturally), that I then topstitched for extra strength, and even with that I was able to finish the jumpsuit in half a day.

I wanted to use snaps on the front, but, as a first-timer, I was having some trouble installing them. I didn't want to ruin the finished jumpsuit, so I opted for buttons instead. I chose the same striped-edge buttons I used on Tim's most recent buttondown:

 Now that I see the buttons in the photos, though, I'm finding them a bit bright and am thinking I might swap them out for some brownish buttons I have in my stash.

Obligatory jumping in jumpsuit shots!: