Saturday, October 28, 2017

Handmade Halloween: Tina Belcher Costume

Let's take a break from our regularly-scheduled cool weather clothing making. I needed a Halloween costume to attend a party this weekend. I have no idea why this idea popped into my head and would not leave, but I really wanted to go as Tina Belcher from Bob's Burgers:

If you don't know Tina by now, look away. You won't get it. But to know Tina is to love her. Awkward and anxious but confident, lover of horses, butts and zombies. A dramatic daydreamer. Feminist. Enthusiastic dancer. If Tina had a sewing machine, we would be BFF.

Sartorially, Tina is pretty simple. Light blue t-shirt, royal blue A-line skirt, tube socks and old-school black high tops. Plus her iconic yellow barrette. And a copy of her self-penned Erotic Friend Fiction. I had a feeling I could recreate Tina's look with items that I would likely wear again, which is my nerdily-practical Halloween dream.

Perhaps my Tina costume revelation came when I was pouring over Tilly and the Button's Love at First Stitch book for my Margot pajama pants. The Delphine skirt caught my eye; it's the perfect exaggerated A-line shape! I got a yard of this really nice royal blue ponte on sale (double coupon, y'all!) from Joann Fabrics, figuring the thick ponte would hold the shape well, and I had at it.

In Tilly's size chart, I'm between a 7 and 8. For my Delphine, I cut a size 8, although I probably could have done a 7 since the pattern is intended for wovens and I was using a knit. It's a little bit big.

I sewed up the center back seam where the zipper would be inserted (I kept it in rather than cut on the fold because it had some shaping) and redrafted the waistband to be one long, wide rectangle that is folded over and attached to the skirt. It worked out pretty well! The waistband is a little bit tall (I forgot to subtract seam allowances) and could probably use a bit of contouring, but I can fold it down, yoga pants style, no problem.

I didn't finish the seams, I just pressed them open. I also left the hem raw, because I'm lazy. The skirt turned out perfectly for my costume needs, but I'm not sure I will wear it as such post-Halloween. I may slim it down on the sides to more of a straight/pencil skirt shape.

The fabric is the real winner here! This stuff, the "refined ponte" from Joann, is really high quality- nice and thick, almost like scuba. And not too poly-feeling or -looking. I will definitely buy it again!

For my shirt, I opted for the Cashmerette Concord T-shirt pattern and some light blue slubby cotton jersey from my stash. I think I got it in Hong Kong several years ago for a song, but I can't quite recall. I cut a 16 C/D with the scoop neck and short sleeves. I made a 3/4" full bicep adjustment on the sleeve and lengthened them slightly because I found that my other Concord sleeves ride up into my armpit and drive me mad. The fit ended up just how I like it and I know I will get lots of wear out of this t-shirt!

What do you think? Did I capture the essence of Tina?