Tuesday, October 17, 2017

Plum Week: Made by Rae Beatrix

Plum week continues! Today I'm sharing a plum-colored double gauze version of the Made by Rae Beatrix blouse on Imagine Gnats, but I'm talking about my wearable muslin (which also reads plum) here!

I made the Beatrix a few years back, but I've been finding that version a bit tight across the upper back and bust. As such, I planned to size up for my double gauze version, but decided a wearable muslin was in order. I made the Beatix buttonless, which I'd done before, but coincidentally, Rae posted a tutorial on how to do just that a couple weeks ago, if you're interested in the nitty gritty.

I went with a size XXL, with a C/D cup, which worked well. I did find the darts to be a bit low and long, though, so I tweaked them a bit for my double gauze version. Luckily in this print you can't really see the pointy darts, so it remains extremely wearable!

You might recognize this print from my International Anna Party dress from several years back. I had a couple of yards of this stained-glass print cotton lawn and thought it perfect for a Beatrix. I love all the colors in this print... wine, plum, kelly green, a hint of gold and black!

I made this Beatrix without the buttondown back. I'd done this before for my mom, but coincidentally, Rae posted about how to alter the Beatrix pattern to be buttonless just last week!

I also made a couple other changes to the Beatrix: I lengthened the sleeves by 4" to full length, and drafted hem and sleeve facings! I topstitched all of the facings, including the neck facing.

I love this top! Is this a TNT pattern for me now? Maybe! 

Here's a sneak peek of my double gauze version... hop over to Imagine Gnats to read about it and to score some double gauze while it's on sale this week!