Thursday, August 13, 2020

McCall's 6044: The '90s Shirt

It's been a while since I've sewn Tim a new shirt, and a lot of his fun summer shirts were looking a little faded... enter the funnest of fun shirts. 

Cue my go-to shirt pattern for Tim, McCall's 6044. I have several other shirt patterns I've been meaning to try, but it's hard to muster the energy to work the kinks out in a new pattern when you know you have one ready to roll. 

Plus, I have this pattern traced in full to cut flat and maximize fabric consumption, which I knew I would need for this fabric I pulled from my stash. 

This is a length of batik from when Tim and I lived in Indonesia. It was a 2-yard long, 42" wide piece, with a border on each short end. This is obviously a very non-traditional batik, in these geometric shapes and bright colors. It definitely has more than a nod to the '90s- very Parker Lewis with a hint of Screech from Saved by the Bell.

Like some previous batik shirts I've made Tim (here and here), I wanted to take advantage of those cool borders. I cut the undercollar, inside collar stand and one of the button bands on one border, and then the sleeves on the other. The body was cut from the main print.

I used pearl snaps, which are so fun to apply (provided you double-check your placement and that they are right side up). And fun to wear.

I freaking love it! Tim took some convincing that it wasn't "too much," but I was convinced from the start that it would be fabulously loud. 

We decided his discomfort was with the amount of pink on the sleeves. We figured out, though, that if he rolled the sleeves up, he liked the look better. Luckily the batik looks very similar on the wrong and right sides, so it looks nice rolled up. And I completely forgot to take a photo of the rolled sleeves, so sorry about that.