Monday, September 27, 2021

Kantha Quilt Unfolding Jacket, Take 2

I love it when a project comes together!

My mom was the original impetus behind the kantha quilt jacket I made last year (i.e. she bought some kantha quilts at Ocean State Job Lot), and she wanted one of her own. 

We actually cut this jacket out in April when she came to Vermont to visit once she was fully vaccinated. But apparently the cut pieces, from the Wiksten Unfolding Jacket pattern (which appears to no longer be available), just sat in her sewing room since then!

We had a bit of unstructured time in her sewing room this past weekend when I was visiting, so I helped her sew it up. This is a super quick sew!

For this jacket, we cut a size small, which is sized down a couple sizes from what her measurements suggested, based on my experience. We opted for the long length. 

Haven't sewn the patch pockets on yet; she's still deciding whether she wants them and which part of the remaining quilt pieces she'll cut them from! 

We left the jacket unlined since the quilt is double-sided. We decided to just serge the seam allowances and press them open. 

We only cut one neckband so the jacket would have a narrower collar that doesn't fold over. 

I love how the quilt's border prints met up at the shoulders, and how the print on the sleeves carries across to the collar. 

Speaking of sleeves, I think we ended up lopping an inch or so off the ends and hemming them up an inch and three quarters. I think she still has them rolled once in these photos.

Freaking adorable! I think she'll get a lot of wear out of this cozy jacket over the winter.