Saturday, September 18, 2021

Green Flannel Tarawi Shirt

I loved my red Muna and Broad Tarawi Shirt so much that I immediately made another. 

I know in my last post I said that I wanted to try the narrow neck version, but I couldn't be bothered to reprint the pattern, so I made the regular neck again. 

Again, for this Tarawi Shirt I cut a size E, 2+ chest fit, blended to a size D at the hip. 

I did try the narrow sleeves, however, but I'm finding that there's not a discernable difference. They're not much smaller than the regular sleeve. 

I opted for simpler pockets rather than the Tarawi's gusseted, flappy pockets. I simplified the pockets by folding the pocket piece at the notches and merging the pocket facing onto it. 

Like last time, I moved pockets outwards slightly and upwards about an inch from the markings.

The fabric is a super soft dusty olive green flannel (I think from Imagine Gnats originally, maybe?). The color is looking sorta tan in these photos, but I assure you it's green. 

I jazzed up the rather dull shade of green by adding some snazzy details: red bar tacks on the pockets, yoke and side seams. Mostly because I was deeply jealous of the two shirts I made for my husband where I added contrasting bar tacks! You can see those here and here.

I finished hem with coordinating red bias tape.

Because I was running short on white pearl snaps, I popped a couple red ones on there for the top and bottom of the placket, as well as the sleeves. I'm not totally sold on them, though. Maybe a step too far? I may replace them when I get more white ones!

Pretty in love with this Tarawi shirt. Such a great pattern! Expect some plaid versions soon.


  1. I am in love with your shirt too. I bought the pattern. I can see there are many details to create. Those details make the shirt so pretty. I love your touches of red. You look so good in this style and in this shirt and in the red shirt! Happy shirt making! Barbara in Saint Louis

  2. I love the pop of the red snaps and red pocket and back accents/stabilizers. I am noticing the pleasing squared off effect of the bottom more on this version that the red one…but of course I simply adored that red and was focusing on the color more ! It is a great shirt and a great look on you!

  3. This is really awesome! I love it!!

  4. The red snaps are an unexpected twist. I love them!!! I always love your posts - I’m roughly your same size and I like being able to see what different choices you make. Hoping to get my sew-jo back when it cools off here in Texas…. IF it ever does!!

  5. Tried posting this twice before - hopefully third time is the charm!
    Love the red snaps - compliment the red bar tacks and red shoes well.
    I love seeing all your posts - I have similar measurements to yours and enjoy all the different things you sew.

  6. I agree. The red snaps are great. They help make a nice shirt extra special.

    If you don't mind me asking here, I'd like to know about your Charlie Caftans because I want to make one for my daughter. Yours and the ones for your sister and her friend are perfect. About how much positive ease do they have? Looking at my daughter's measurements, the "right" size would have 6 inches of positive ease at the bust and only 2 or 3 at the hip. Seems a little snug around the behind. Thanks!

  7. Oh my, I LOVE the red snaps and the bar tacks and was going to mention them when I read about you planning to remove. No need! The pocket size and placement is perfect, though I liked the original on the pattern maker too. I see that green. Pea soup, OD green, one of my favorites. Yeah, I like this shirt!