Tuesday, February 11, 2020

Herringbone Flannel McCall's 6044

This is maybe the 100th time I've made this pattern, but it can feel new and fun depending on the details!

This is McCall's 6044 again (see all my previous versions here), and this one is all about the details...

I made Tim this cozy flannel shirt a couple months back for Christmas. We chose a piece of fabric from my stash: Kaufman Shetland Flannel in herringbone grey

The fabric lovely to sew and  super soft. but a little bit boring, color-wise. As such, we decided to add some fun details.

We ended up going with colorful bar tacks, buttonholes and button stitching, just like I did on the corduroy McCall's 6044 I made a few years back. I chose a bright orange to contrast the somber grey.

I put bartacks on the front pockets, at the hem at the side seam, at the four corners of the back yoke, and across the tower plackets.

The top and bottom buttonholes, as well as the cuff buttonholes are orange, and the buttons themselves are sewn on with orange thread, too. 

Ug, it's so good. I want one for me now...