Tuesday, August 4, 2009

100th Post! Kale Quiche with Potato Crust!

Hey all! It's the blog's 100th post! Woo!
This is another Frankenrecipe... cobbled together from a couple sources:
  • The potato crust I found from Emeril and from this blog... shredded potato mixed with a little oil and salt, pressed into a pie plate, baked at 425 degrees for 1/2 hour until brown and crispy.
  • The custard part of the quiche is just onion, garlic and kale, sauteed until soft, then thrown in the parbaked crust, topped with shredded gruyere, salt and pepper, and a mixture of 4 eggs and 1/2 cup of cream.
  • Bake the whole thing at 350 degrees for 25 minutes, or until the custard is set.
Pretty tasty! The potato crust is probably healthier for you than pastry pie crust.

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