Thursday, June 25, 2015

Ballet Skirts

2 skirts in an hour? 3 rows of stitching each? I wish skirts for me were this easy.

Vaguely based on this tutorial from Dana Made It, following kiddo measurements from this downloadable size chart at Sugar Tart Crafts (since I don't have easy access to my nieces to measure them). I ended up having to tighten the elastic on one of them, but otherwise the measurements worked for me.

The fabric is this striped ballet quilting cotton from Belleboo. Quite twee for my taste (I do not aime le ballet), but I knew my nieces would be all over it. 

And they were, although, wow, it's hard to get photos of little kids. New found respect for all those sewists out there getting professional looking shots of their kids!

Zoe's "cheese" face (?):

Anna always on the go:


  1. Super cute! I find it next to impossible to get decent photos of my kids for my blog. It takes serious bribery and the whole process can't take longer than about 3 minutes!

    1. Ha ha- I see that. I could not get y nieces to stand still individually, nevermind together. The older one makes insane faces when you point the camera at her and the younger one just runs around and/or wants to press every button on the camera. Sigh.