Wednesday, September 27, 2017

Sew Your Hart Out September: Kalle Tunic in Sienna

Beginning and ending September with projects for Sew Your Hart Out September... can't complain!

I am particularly enamored of today's project. You can read more about it on Sew Your Hart Out, the Hart's Fabric blog, but, in short, it's a Closet Case Patterns Kalle tunic made from Cotton + Steel rayon/cotton lawn (from Alexia Abegg's Sienna line) and I looooooove it! 

The Vermont crafting crowd can attest to the fact that I wore this tunic to crafting events twice last week during our heatwave, with absolutely no shame.

I'm testing out some new blog photo spots now that I've moved into my more long-term apartment (we were in a temporary furnished place for a few months while waiting on our shipment). I'm thinking this one, my back porch (which is right off my sewing room), is pretty good. Nice light, a railing to lean on so I have something to do with my hands (because this is me), relatively private, conveniently located. What say you?

Anyway, go read more about my Kalle at Hart's Fabric!!