Monday, September 16, 2019

Indigo Dyed Shirt No. 1, Courtney Top and Frankie Top

I've got a round-up of three more shibori-dyed tops I made for my sister!

This first top is another 100 Acts of Sewing Shirt No. 1, but this time not for me! I cut a size small for my sister, and sewed it with 1/4" seam allowance (rather than 1/2") because my sister's measurements put her between sizes. Worked well!

For fabric, I used a piece of cotton gauze I got from the remnant bin at Joann. I used rubber bands to bind it, somewhat randomly, which created these lovely, irregular circles. I didn't have very much fabric to work with, but I tried really hard not to end up with a target on a boob!

Turned out pretty cute!

I cut her a size 5 Stevie, graded to a 6 at the hip. Like the Shirt No. 1 above, this top is also sewn from a length of cotton gauze. 

This version of the Stevie is the top length version with the cute little back neck tie. Freakin adorable. I changed the direction of the shibori stripes on the back yoke.

The third and final shibori top is a Style Arc Courtney top. Sadly, this is the least successful of the bunch, methinks. 

This Courtney Top is made with a piece of rayon/lycra, just like my Pony Tank. My sister dyed this piece by accordion folding it and binding it with popsicle sticks and rubber bands for a cool bamboo-looking print. The dye didn't seem to penetrate the fabric bundle well, so it's a little bit uneven, but it still looks cool!

I cut a size 12 for her, which is the same Style Arc size I cut for her Quinn top, but somehow it's much too big for her, especially under the arms. I'm not totally sure why... it's just a little saggy and sad. I may try to take it in for her along the underarm/side seam to see if that helps.

But overall a pretty successful batch of shibori-dyed goodies! Good thing she likes blue!