Friday, September 27, 2019

Floral Lawley Skirt

My second gathered, elastic waist skirt post of the week... first the Melinda Midi, now this one:

The Lawley skirt is a free pattern for a "gathered, knee length skirt featuring an elasticated waistband with a drawstring and side pockets with a bias strip edging finish." It's made for medium weight fabrics with a nice drape.

The Lawley has a wide size range. Size A-M range up to 48" waist and 58" hip, although this style would likely accommodate larger sizes than that... I cut a size G, which corresponded with my measurements.

The fabric I used is a poly crepe floral I bought from Hart's Fabric when I was driving through Santa Cruz last winter. I don't typically buy much 100% polyester, but I loved the rich, deep orange color and the pops of gold and teal!

The Lawley has a waistband that is separate from the skirt pieces. I was interested to see how the Lawley is constructed: rather than having the skirt gathered entirely by the waist elastic, the wide skirt pieces are gathered onto the narrower waistband, and then the waistband is pulled in/gathered even more by the elastic.

The wide elastic is topstitched down so it doesn't roll, and there is an option for a drawstring. My drawstring is made from self-fabric, cut from the scraps.

Like the Melinda Midi, the Lawley skirt is super swishy:

I really love my Lawley! I was expecting to have a clear favorite between the Melinda Midi and the Lawley, but they're both pretty great. I mean, you can't go wrong with an elastic waist skirt as far as comfort and classic style go...

Like my Melinda, I took photos of my Lawley paired with a t-shirt and sandals, but I think it will be fabulous with tights, boots and a sweater in the fall and winter!


  1. Hi! I love your style and have found our body types to be similar enough for me to get a good idea of what different patterns would look like on me. BUT....I am not as tall as you (just under 5'-4"). Did you lengthen this at all? The length on the Elbe website is just above the knee of the models but they look very tall! Thank you!

    1. Hey body twin! I didn't adjust the length at all. I'm about 5'7ish. It's right at the knee for me- I bet those models are quite tall.

  2. Your version is beautiful btw! That color is awesome!😁

  3. Hi! I'm currently sewing my own lawley skirt and am stuck at the point of the gathering that you mention. It's written "gather the waist of the skirt till it is the same circumference as the waistband". The waistband is the circumference of my waist, so it will get stuck on my hips if I do that, no? It's also written "stretch out the waistband to its full potential as you sew it to the skirt" but when my waistband (with the elastic in) is stretched out, it's not the same circumference as the skirt... If anyone out here could help me, it would be great! :)