Wednesday, September 25, 2019

Paisley Melinda Midi

I've got a couple of skirts to share with you this week! I made two similar-ish gathered, elastic waist skirt patterns and thought I'd do a little compare-and-contrast of the patterns.

The first skirt is the latest pattern from Sew Altered Style, the Melinda Midi skirt. The Melinda Midi has "a full silhouette with a gathered elastic waist and large front slash pockets."

Those slash pockets, let me tell you, are amazing. The pocket bags are enormous, in the best way. Like I have to lean over slightly to reach the bottom of the bag...

This is View B, which uses wide, 2 inch elastic in a separate waistband, and has paneled front and back skirt.  I love how full and swishy this skirt is! This is size 18. The Melinda Midi runs from size 0-30, which is pretty fabulous.

The Melinda Midi's waistband is the same size as the skirt pieces, so the elastic does all of the gathering. I'll admit I had a bit of trouble getting the gathers right on this. I decided to topstitch the elastic to make sure it didn't collapse or twist, but I could barely get the elastic to stretch to the width of the waistband, so it's a little bit lumpy in some parts. Honestly, though, no one will notice but me.

My fabric is a multi-color paisley rayon challis with a funny story behind it... my mom and I have sort of a rotating fabric exchange, shopping in each others' stashes and bringing pieces back and forth depending on current whims and/or needs.

My mom brought this piece of fabric to me when she came to visit this summer. "This must be yours," she said. Ummm, no? I had never seen it before. She assumed it was mine because of the golden yellow in it, which is not her color.

I felt like it was hers because it was straight outta the early '90s with that purple and that paisley. Neither of us had any memory of purchasing it. Ha! #sewistproblems, for sure. In any case, I kinda love it, in all of its '90s paisley-ness.

I am so happy with my Melinda Midi! It's comfy, flattering, and cute. It's the last gasp of summer here, so I wore it to work and in these photos with my Seamwork Mesa t-shirt (which is 4 years old this month- talk about 30 wears!!) and sandals, but I think I'll pair it with tights, boots and a thick sweater for fall and winter here in Vermont...