Tuesday, September 10, 2019

Striped Linen Bo

I made myself another Seamwork Bo!

It's cutting it close to the end of summer for this breezy shirt, but I wear my first one so much I really wanted another, and the serger was already threaded!

Like Tim's shirt, this one is cut on the cross grain so the stripes are horizontal. Somehow I magically got stripe matching across the cuff seam, but only in the back? I kinda prefer the unmatched stripe in the front.

Like my first Bo, I cut a size 14, which is pleasantly oversized. 

For this Bo, though, I drafted a 2-inch deep facing for the neckline instead of using bias tape as the finish. I thought it might sit a little bit better than my first one, and mirror the deep hem more. Jury is still out.

A little sad that summer is wrapping up so I won't be able to wear this too many more times, but I imagine it will be a favorite next summer!


  1. I love your top, and it looks great on you with those pants. I would totally wear it all year 'round with a long-sleeved t-shirt underneath... :)

    1. I think the neckline looks very professional the way you finished it. Bias is "fiddly" but looks good too. I do love this on you.

  2. I made one of these. I cut my own bias tape from the scraps. And I cut it wider so it wasn't so fiddly. I also didn't fold it twice, It's bias and it won't ravel. It made for a better neckline. Of course, I was in too much of a hurry to draft a facing...