Tuesday, August 27, 2019

Indigo Dyed Pony Tank

I can't believe it's taken me so long so sew another Pony Tank. Over 2 years!

I was a tester for the Chalk and Notch Pony Tank back in the day, when I lived in Bangkok. My striped Pony Tank quickly became a favorite of mine, which is why it's so strange that I hadn't made another one yet.

During my recent indigo dyeing frenzy, I dyed a yard of rayon/lycra jersey from Joann. I folded it selvage to selvage with the right sides out, finger pleated it and then rubber banded it. Same approach I used for my linen, but totally unique result!

I was pleasantly surprised at how well the rayon lycra jersey soaked up the indigo dye! It turned out with the deepest, richest colors of all the substrates I dyed. Not easy to get crisp, even folds on the slinky fabric when implementing the shibori techniques (ruling out the more geometric techniques), but lovely color.

In any case, I knew this fabric would be perfect for the Pony Tank pattern, and that I had juuuuust enough yardage to eke one of these swingy tanks out.

I made the same size Pony Tank as my first one, a 16. I love the close fit around the bust, the perfect V-neck (not too deep, not too high), and the swingy hem that doesn't cling to my belly.

The Pony Tank and my indigo dyed fabric paired perfectly together! I love this tank... I'll have to squeeze a few more wears out of it before the weather gets too cold!


  1. Cute tank. You did a fantastic job dyeing the rayon fabric.

  2. Love, love love the combination of dyed material and pattern...

    Funny thing...I made a couple of tops when it first came out then forgot about it...until last weekend
    I was trying to find a pattern to make a casual summer dress and couldn't find the right pattern.
    And it came to me in my dreams: the Pony tank has a dress option...
    ...Fall in New England plus a really big pile of UFOs; it will have to wait til next year

  3. Can you please dye some fabric for me? It's great. I love the fit of that Pony on you, too.

  4. So cute! Oh, how I wish the Pony Tank came in larger sizes. It surely looks cool and comfortable.

  5. Cute top. Impressive that you dyed the fabric yourself.

  6. Find a blue cardigan and keep wearing it into fall. Nice job!