Sunday, January 12, 2020

Sew Twists and Ties: Cropped Nottingham Top

My second Sew Twists and Ties project!

This is the Itch to Stitch Nottingham top, which features a twisted knot in the front, and three sleeve option (long, elbow short length and butterfly).

You might be asking: didn't you make a Nottingham Top last year during #SewTwistsandTies, Meg? Yes, yes, I did make this pattern last year, and really like it. But I wanted to make some tweaks, fit-wise. First, the shoulders on that version are a bit wide. And although I love that sweater, the body feels a bit long, hitting me at my my widest spot at my hip.

My previous version of the Nottingham Top was a straight size 16. For this version, I went down a size in the shoulders, to a size 14. I cut the sleeves at a sort of in-between 3/4 length.

Also, in a more dramatic change, I shortened the whole body by 3". This change was very much inspired by Keira (Island Sewcialists)'s smoking hot version. Now the front horizontal seam hits more at my waist and the somewhat cropped top pairs well with high waist pants and skirts! Overall, I think the proportions are better for me this way.

The fabric I used is a French terry- maybe a bamboo or rayon and lycra blend? Drapey and soft, nice stretch and recovery. It's been in my stash for several years now; I think I originally got it from Imagine Gnats.

I think this slighted hacked version of the Nottingham Top turned out great! I really like the cropped look; and think it will look cute with highwaisted jeans, or with a slim skirt. I feel like the proportions here are working!

Worth snapping these photos in the freezing rain/snow!!!:


  1. I like this version better on you. It is more flattering. On the previous version, the knot hits at the belly area. For me, that would be uncomfortable. Mary_in_AZ

  2. I must say that I agree with your analysis... this version is a lot more attractive on you, it seems to both fit you better and gives emphasis to pleasing curves. The length of the former top sort of divides you in half, whereas this one, at the shorter length, is what to my eye is a more interesting 2/5 top to 3/5 legs division.

    Alison aka indigotiger

  3. For me, the next version was more flattering with trousers and this one with a skirt. But both are lovely

  4. I moght not have even recognized the two as the same pattern. I remember last year's (and put the pattern on my list)
    The two versions have totally different vibes
    This year's seems tailored, almost dressy. It would work with a skirt for work type vibe
    Whereas last year's was casual, wear with jeans, drinking cocoa or tea at the lodge

  5. I like them both very much - see Pal K's assessment. When I'm going casual I like it a bit long and loose and when I'm in a more dressy frame of mind, a bit more fitted. Lovely sewing on each.

  6. Proportion is everything. The shortened Nottingham is *so* perfect.

    Great wrapup! I kept forgetting to get my pics of my tie front shirt done for the challenge. Next time! :)

  7. I did the same thing with my Knottingham top. I'm long waisted so having that horizontal seam hit so low was not good proportions on me either. I'm happy with mine, too.