Sunday, March 6, 2011

Apple Pomegranate Fruit Rolls

I had amassed a collection of various types of apples from the CSA that Tim and I never got around to eating for some reason. Since my beef jerky success, I've been wanting to make use of my dehydrator again.

Apples + dehydrator = fruit roll-ups!I peeled and chopped 3 apples, threw them in the food processor with the seeds from half of a pomegranate and the juice from one orange and half a lemon, pureed. Spread the puree on a fruit-roll sheet (and the extra on parchment paper) and dehydrated for about 4 hours.

Pretty good! I need to find a way to strain the puree to rid it of the pomegranate seeds, but still get all of the apple goodness, as the texture was a little weird. But overall, they were pretty tasty, and I didn't have to add any extra sugar.