Saturday, October 20, 2012

Toilet Paper Wall Decor

So as I might have mentioned before, I've become totally obsessed with Pinterest.  I found this easy and cheap wall decoration early in my obsession.  It took me a few weeks of being extra weird at work and telling people I need TP for my wall decor! 
 When I received enough TP rolls, I cut them into 1/4 inch pieces.  I tried using spray paint thinking that would be the faster, easier way to paint each of those pieces.  Not so much.  One normal size can of spray paint only covered about 20 pieces of TP and the color just soaked into the cardboard, boo!  I also had blue foot prints and purple boogers for a few days after that try.  Oops :)  So I went back to Micheal's and picked up some small bottles of craft paint.  I got a dark denim blue, a light blue and red.  I wanted to match the colors of the pillows I made.
After all the pieces were dry and ready I used a hot glue gun and clothes pins to piece together flower/star shapes.  Once those were all done I placed the flowers in a hap-hazard way and glued them together.  I put five or six small nails in the wall above our kitchen table and just threw the TP decor up!
Fun, easy and cheap!!!