Sunday, October 14, 2012

Batik + Plaid = Cute

The latest outfit I've made for Zoe is inspired by the modern batik clothing I've seen in stores here in Jakarta.  They mix traditional Indonesian batik with all sort of other printed fabrics- stripes, polka dots, plaid, even other batiks.  It's pretty bold, a little bit Mondo, and I dig it, so I decided to try my own version.  

This little outfit is another version of Simplicity 3511- top E and pants G.  It's the same pattern I used for Zoe's Christmas dress.  I used some cute pastel flowered batik that I picked up last week and combined it with some plaid fabric the Real Martha sent me earlier this year (also used for this top that I wear all the time)... I like how the pink and green in the plaid picks up the pink and green accents on the batik.