Friday, May 15, 2015

Mid Month Me-Made-May

Woot! Halfway through Me Made May! Sick of selfies after like 3 days, but trying to keep up the documentation regardless.


I've been adhering to half of my Me Made May goal in the sense that I have been wearing at least one me-made garment a day for the past 15 days. Many days more than one... I've not documented several items worn just for dinner or to bed. I definitely reach for me-made more than not, I've found, which is great. Pants are still a problem area, though, which is less great.

I have not been keeping up with my "make do and mend" goal- the one where I promised to mend/alter 5 me-made garments to make them wearable.  Check back in after this weekend, though!

Details on my first 15 days below... follow me on Instagram for the day-to-day updates if you'e so inclined: