Tuesday, October 8, 2019

Bubblegum Fleece Tobin Sweater

Another Tobin sweater, in a very different fabric from my first!

I love seeing how different fabrics can alter the look of a pattern. My first Tobin sweater was made from a drapey sweater knit. This version is thick, fluffy fleece.

Same as my first Tobin, this is view B, the cowl necked version with a high-low hem and hemmed sleeves. It's a straight size size 16 C/D.

The fabric is some bubblegum fleck sweatshirt fleece from Imagine Gnats that I've had for over 2 years. I can't really remember what I had in mind when I bought this fluffy fabric, which is probably on the girlier side of things for me... baby pink? But I love those rainbow flecks!

Since my fabric has the minimum amount of stretch necessary for the Tobin pattern, I probably should have done a small full bicep adjustment. I totally forgot, though! It's ok, just a smidge tighter than I normally like, especially for layering underneath. I think it's this fabric, though, because I don't find the sleeves to be tight on my green version...

I made the same construction changes as my first version understitching the cowl neck and topstitch the neckline seam down flat. 

I love how the cowl neck has so much body in this fabric; it stands up on its own!

I think the Tobin pattern's bust darts are especially important in getting a nice fit in this thicker, less stretchy fabric. 

Super cozy! This thick sweater will come in handy this winter, for sure.


  1. This colour and fabric look so perfectly cosy!

  2. Love that cowl! I agree with the lack of stretch with this fabric. I made Toaster Sweater #1 with it last year and although it supposedly has the correct amount of stretch that the pattern calls for, I can not even pull the sleeves up to wash my hands!

  3. Super-cute! The fabric doesn't read pink at all in these photos - its looks more gray to me. I love the slightly more structured look for this pattern.

  4. Love it, color is nice, looks great on you!