Monday, June 7, 2010

Fried Rice-Style Fried Quinoa

I had some leftover cooked quinoa from the salad I made last week, so I thought I would try stir-frying it like fried rice... kinda like chicken-fried steak. Not at all like chicken-fried chicken... what the hell is chicken fried chicken? Isn't it just fried chicken??Anywho, I loosely based my fried rice fried quinoa on a bunch recipes I found online, as well as what I could dig up in the fridge, which included carrots and CSA mushrooms, green onions, snow peas and eggs. Somehow, I didn't have any soy sauce in the house (and didn't notice until I had already prepped all the veggies)... a frantic trip to Target to remedy the soy sauce disaster resulted in the purchase of $60 worth of other stuff, but no soy sauce. I think it's physically impossible to leave Target without spending at least $50.

So, instead, I threw some Maggi sauce and some Sriracha into the stir-fry, which gave it a salty, spicy kick. The quinoa acted pretty much exactly like rice, but is much healthier and more protein-rich. Give it a try!

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