Saturday, June 4, 2011

Apple Mint Green Tea Punch

I love a chance to use my three-in-one cake stand/chip-n-dip/punch bowl in its punch bowl form. Punch is good.
We hosted Barbara's baby shower today, and in anticipation I set out on a search for a refreshing and fun non-alcoholic punch to put in my punch bowl. I was hoping for a recipe that didn't involve corn-syrup laden soda or sherbet, as those things didn't appeal to me and didn't seem right for a baby shower. This one from Giada De Laurentis caught my eye, calling for apple juice, a mint simple syrup and green tea.

I am glad I went with it- it was a hit! I skipped the sparkling water, figuring it would go flat quickly in the punch bowl, instead encouraging those able to imbibe in spirits to top off their individual glasses with prosecco for bubbles. So good- a unique combination of flavors that really worked well together.