Saturday, May 26, 2012

Fritter FAIL

I was trying to use up the mint leftover from my mint ice cream as well as some feta left from my grilled corn and feta salad... add in a zucchini and you get: mush.  Oops.

Very loosely (no ricotta, fresh rather than dried mint) based on this recipe from an Australian cooking show I've been watching recently, I put together these zucchini, feta and mint fritters that I planned to top with a spicy fresh tomato sauce.  Unfortunately, despite my best efforts to drain the zucchini of its water, these fritters were super soggy, floppy and definitely not crisp like I imagined.   Sigh.

But the flavor was good... perhaps a similar flavor combination in a different format next time.  Over pasta?


  1. So, I had a fritter fail as well recently...though mine was just because they were bland.

    What I did with the zucchini was, after I grated it using a cheese grater, put it in a collander lined wwith papertowels and put a liberal amoutn of salt on the zucchini (similar to what you do with eggplant to suck the water out). Then I proceeded to make a pouch out of the papertowel and zucchini and squeezed as much water out as humanly possible. I suppose you could have done the pressing method that people use for eggplant, i.e. putting the zucchini in between two papertowels-salting-then smooshing.

    The fritters themselves actually were crispy. I think my problem was, since I am a clown with food, I substituted the feta for cheddar and really didn't do much in the way of seasoning. So, they were just little crispy tasteless pancakes. Buddy liked them though.

    Kevin said that perhaps you should have used a better process heat fuel; obviously one that is renewable in nature.

    1. I did essentially the same thing re: draining the shredded zucchini in a colander with salt. Mayhaps I did not use enough paper towels or squeeze hard enough.*

      I bet cheddar + zucchini would have been good with something spicy like chipotle or chili powder?

      * that's what she said.

  2. Meg - did you get this idea from a 10-year old? Or are you referring to a different Australian cooking show ;-)

    1. Ha! Different show. I'm pretty sure I'm not coordinated enough to know how to make the stuff those 10 year olds make on Junior MasterChef!