Wednesday, May 1, 2013

Rocking the Rayon

My first foray into sewing with rayon... dudes, this stuff is slippery.  Pins slide out, it slips off the cutting and sewing tables, the edges shred like crazy.  Definitely a learning experience, sewing this dress.

I bought this batik print rayon at Toko Sariniah here in Jakarta.  It had a border print along one selvage edge, which required some funky cutting to make it work.  I decided to use it with the Painted Portrait pattern that I used for a couple tops a few weeks ago, but this time I made the dress version...


I added 4 inches to the bottom of the dress so that it hits me at the knee and I cut the back yoke piece on the fold, skipping the button.  I finished the neckline with bias tape instead of facings.  Also, I sewed French seams throughout since the fabric was so shreddy.

I think it came out pretty cute- ridiculously comfortable due to the slinky rayon.  It does have a bit of a nightgown feel to it, but I think if I find the right skinny belt to pair with it, it would give it some more shape.  Here it is with a thicker belt, which I don't love: