Sunday, November 2, 2014

Oil Spill True Bias Sutton Blouse

Confession: I've been kind of a pattern junkie of late. I try to have self-control, knowing that my sewing list is a bit out of control, but after a bad day at working, the instant gratification of PDF pattern buying is so satisfying. I have a feeling I am not the only one in this situation...

A couple of my recent pattern purchases have required more fitting than I currently have the patience for. Not that they're bad patterns, they just require a level of effort that I haven't been able to muster, of late, so I am setting them aside temporarily in favor of what I hoped would be a quick win: the brand new Sutton Blouse pattern by True Bias (which I totally bought the day it came out).

And quick win it was! I was skeptical as I put it together, worried that I'd committed to a pattern that would be too boxy for me. But in the end, I love the blouse. The lovely v-neck, interesting hem, cool over-the-shoulder yoke and pretty back pleat keep it interesting. Combined with the right drapey fabric, it's pretty floaty and flattering.

For my Sutton, I used a cool splotchy, oil spill-esque printed rayon challis that I bought from Fashion Fabrics Club. Dudes, this store has lots of great challis: some crazy novelty prints, but lots of fun, funky prints and pretty solids, too. And super cheap! Clearly I love me some rayon challis...

Sewing with rayon and other slippery fabrics can be tricky. I had a teeny bit of trouble with the neckline binding- it was hard to cut out that skinny strip of fabric evenly! My sleeves seems slightly stretched out/wavy, too, but not in a way that bothers me too much. Otherwise, it was pretty smooth sailing. I like how the pattern uses french seams; everything on the inside is so neat and self-contained.

I think the blouse is best balanced when paired with a skirt or pants that are a bit sleeker- a pencil skirt or skinny pants.  I think it's a great blouse that could be more formal for the office or a drink, but also great on the weekend with skinny jeans (or leggings, if that's your thing).

(PS: sorry for all the crap photos... my photographer is out of the country and my camera hates me.)