Tuesday, November 22, 2016

Daisy Designer Pants in Linen

The comfy bad boys are my take on Style Arc's Daisy Designer Pants.

The pattern is simple: elastic waist, wide leg trousers with interesting pockets that are sort of a hybrid between patch and in-seam pockets. I did find the pockets to be a little bit low for comfortably resting my hands, though. You can see how I have to sort of contort my body to one side to get my hand in the top part of the pocket.

The Daisy pant has deep, 6" hems with a facing, giving them a nice swingy weight. I topstitched my facings with a twin needle. Because the hem is so deep, I had to mark the stitching line on the right side to make sure I stayed straight with my topstitching!

The elastic is sewn to the top edge of the pants then folded over and topstitched with a twin needle. I feel like my elastic got a little bit stretched out at the waist when serging and topstitching it, but not a huge deal. 

I think next time I make the Daisy pant I'll add a little bit to the rise, particularly in the back. Keep in mind, though, if you make the Daisy pant, that I am pretty high-waisted and my preference is to wear my pants at Urkel levels. As such, take my warning/advice about the low-waistedness of the Daisy pant with a grain of salt.

Otherwise, I am pretty delighted with the fit: not too tight, not too loose, nice fit in the bum. They are the perfect length for flat sandals, which is how I intended to wear them. 

The fabric is a Kaufman stretch chambray linen in red, a linen/cotton/lycra blend from a couple years back. I can't seem to find it online, so maybe it's no longer available? I used cream colored thread for the topstitching.

Pretty happy with these pants! With the comfort level so high, they'll definitely get a lot of wear during my travels and everyday bopping around town!