Friday, October 20, 2017

Plum Week: Flannel Margot Pyjama Pants

My last Plum Week entry is certainly not the most glamorous, but is sure to be the most worn: pajama pants!

These are the Tilly and the Buttons Margot Pyjamas from her Love at First Stitch book. This pattern is the simplest around, with just two pattern pieces: front and back legs. The top of the waistband is folded down to form the casing for the drawstring.

I'd made these once before, for my friend Holly and had always intended to make myself a pair, too. I've been in need of more cozy, cool weather pajama pants now that I'm in Vermont. I have one 10-year old pair of RTW plaid flannel pajama pants, but needed another pair for when those are in the wash! So flannel Margots it was!

The plum-colored herringbone brushed cotton flannel is from good old Joann's Fabrics. Ensnared by the coupon, yet again. But it's soft, easy to work with and obviously fits my plum/wine color scheme.

I fall between sizes 7 and 8 in Tilly's size chart, so I decided to go with the 8 because I like my PJs to be on the roomier side.

I made changes to the pattern similar to the ones I made for Holly's pair: I turned the top down by only 1.5"(you're meant to turn it down by about 2.25"), made 2 buttonholes 1" away from the center front seam, threaded 1" elastic through the casing, then threaded the drawstring (some twill-ish ribbon) through the casing and buttonholes. I like the comfort of elastic and also wanted a slightly higher rise for the pants.

To demonstrate how I'll most likely wear the Margot pajama pants, I've paired them with a trusty t-shirt, my Helen's Closet Suki kimono robe (need to make a warmer version of this!) and fleece slippers. If I were truly keeping it real, though, my hair would be a matted mess and I would have loose threads, serger tails, and bits of interfacing stuck all over my pajama pants. But I'll spare you. Folks who sew are quite familiar with this particular look.

I love how the Margot pants turned out! Great fit; not too loose and not too baggy. I will definitely plan to make more Margots in the future!

Thanks for enduring my plum-themed week! I am still laughing at the fact that I accidentally procured so many fabrics in a similar hue! What will next week bring? I've got some orange and green bumping around, too, so who knows!