Monday, February 5, 2018

Testing, testing: True Bias Nikko Top

Here's my (tester) version of the latest from Kelli at True Bias: the Nikko!

The Nikko is a slim fitting mock turtleneck that can be made sleeveless or with long sleeves, and either as a sleek top or as a long dress with knee-length side slits (read about and see the various options in Kelli's introductory blog post).

This version is View B, the long-sleeved top, figuring it would be perfect for wearing tucked into high-waist pants and skirts. And it is! 

Size-wise, I went with a size 16 bust/18 hip, which worked well. Since the testing period, Kelli made a few minor changes, like lengthening the sleeves, and adding width at the hip and the neckband. With the added width at the hip, I might go for the straight 16.

For fabric, I chose a thick, grey, cotton rib knit from Joann Fabrics. It is a tubular knit that was 42" wide and has great recovery. I thiiiiink it might be this Sew Classic Rib Knit, but don't quote me on that. The thick fabric is almost sweater-like.

I love the simplicity of this top... it will be perfect for layering under cardigans and blazers.

I also love the sorta '70s vibe it's got. It pairs perfectly with my tencel twill Style Arc Thea pants and my velveteen Blueprints for Sewing A-frame skirt, both of which have a bit of that feel to them, too.

The Nikko top would obviously pair well with the True Bias Lander pant, too, which is what Kelli designed it for.

I'm looking forward to making the dress version of the Nikko! I think in a black rib knit, the slim column dress could be a great layer to go underneath a kimono jacket or giant cardigan.