Monday, June 25, 2018

The Avid Seamstress Drop Sleeve Top

This is the Drop Sleeve Top, a pattern from The Avid Seamstress that's free if you sign up for their newsletter. It's a relaxed fit top with a drop sleeve that finishes at the elbow. It has a lovely round neckline and the back is finished with a simple button and loop with a facing.

I decided to make the Drop Sleeve Top for a couple reasons: I wanted to try this pattern company, just out of curiosity, and I wanted to test the pattern to see if it would be appropriate for a beginner sewing class I'm teaching (you can read a bit about the class here, this is a second cohort of women). For my class, I wanted a pattern that was relatively modest, in keeping with the women's style, and also simple to make for beginners.

I made this version without the slit and button fastening at the back neck after reading Emma's review. I figured for my beginner class, a pullover with no fastenings would be easier. I just removed the seam allowance on the back bodice and cut it on the fold.

I did end up interfacing and topstitching the neckline facing down, a personal preference. I found it a little bit strange that the pattern didn't mention interfacing at all (unless I missed it!).

I made my Drop Sleeve Top from some Free Spirit cotton voile I bought a while back at my mom's favorite discount fabric store in Auburn, MA. Everything in the shop is $2.99/yard, which is probably why it's her favorite. I know I put the flowers upside down, but I swear it was on purpose. I just liked how they looked that way. The fabric wrinkles like crazy, which is unfortunate, but I love the color and the price was right.

For my class, I think the pattern will work well. The instructions are clear for those who want to/can use them, and the top is simple enough that I can convey the construction methods orally for those whose English skills are not up to reading pattern instructions.

It's an easy fit and could easily be hacked into a dress, or have the sleeves lengthened. Lots of options! I like the top a lot and think it will be perfect for my students!