Monday, March 9, 2020

Fish Print Elbe Trigg Shorts

Definitely some wishful summer sewing going on here... we're not even close to shorts weather here yet, although it did feel quite warm this past Sunday!

I made these summery shorts for Tim as a sort of wearable muslin, using some leftover fish-print quilting cotton (remember I used it for this shirt I made for him a few years back?). 

I figured if they fit, he could decide whether he felt he would wear them outside, or if they were bopping around around the house shorts. I think he's still deciding... 

These are the Elbe Textiles Trigg Shorts, which are basic, elastic waist shorts with a drawstring, two lengths, back patch pockets, and cool in-seam pockets at the hip.

The Trigg Shorts have a pretty wide size range (up to 56.3" hip), which is great. 

For Tim, I went with his hip measurement, which put him at a Trigg Shorts size H. The fit is pretty good! I might have been able to go down one size because there's a little extra room, but very wearable. This is the Trigg's longer length, View B.

The only change I made to the construction was to sew the waistband onto the shorts before inserting the elastic, sewing one side to the shorts, pressing the other side under, and then stitching in the ditch. After that I inserted the elastic, closed the hole and topstitched. I wanted a clean finish with no exposed serger seam at the waistband. 

That's the waistband finish used in the Elbe Textiles Lawley skirt, too, and I wish I had switched it up for my Lawley Skirt because the serged seam is kinda scratchy on my stomach.

These shorts are really cute! I think Tim likes them, although it remains to be seen whether he'll wear this particular pair outside the house. He seemed interested in some linen Trigg Shorts after I showed him a couple pairs on InstagramTrigg Shorts for the win.

I think I'll count these shorts as my entry for @SewOver50's #So50Visible20 entry since Elbe Textiles used a very cool older model for the Trigg Shorts. And #SewThatPatternNow since the Trigg Shorts have been in my stash for a while now!