Thursday, December 24, 2020

Speckled Wool Seamwork Baz

I started this project so long ago I can barely remember the details! But here we go...

This is one of the more recent Seamwork patterns, Baz

Note: I am a Seamwork Ambassador, which means I received a one-year subscription in exchange for sewing up 10 of their patterns and providing some feedback to Seamwork about their patterns, articles, etc. If you use this link, you can get a little discount if you decide to purchase from Seamwork.

Baz is an unlined, knee-length wrap coat with a pointed shawl collar. 

I made a size 16 from Seamwork's larger range, so it has a DD cup. In retrospect, maybe I should have gone up a size for a bit more wiggle room over all. But that may also be because I used an unforgiving woven on a "works for stable knits OR wovens" pattern. I ended up taking a smaller seam allowance on the side seams. 

I also did a 1" full bicep adjustment, and then lengthened the sleeves by 1".

The fabric I used is a tweedy wool coating I bought from Emma One Sock years ago... it was a bit thinner than I thought it would be, and brushed soft on the inside, so I decided it would work well for this unlined cardigan/coat situation. 

The fabric has great texture and color: tan and black warp and weft threads, with brightly colored nubs throughout, in orange, turquoise, yellowy green and red. 

I cut bias tape from cotton/linen scraps leftover from this project, and did Hong Kong seam finishes on the insides of my Baz. Gah, I love pretty insides!

Instead of the pockets provided with the Baz pattern, I used the angled pocket pattern piece from Seamwork's Jill coatigan. I only sewed one pocket on, on the top wrap layer. 

I'm liking itT the collar is the best; I absolutely love the shape of it! I kinda wish I had used a knit, or a woven with more give, at a minimum, or sized up. But oh well.