Saturday, January 9, 2021

Kapunda Undies

 Underwear that's fun to wear under there!

I've tried sewing underwear a couple times, with limited success, until the Muna and Broad Kapunda Undies crossed my path. Super high-rise undies designed specifically to fit large bodies? Yes, please.

I love high waisted, full coverage undies that don't give me a wedgie or roll down at the top as I move around or sit. The Kapunda Undies seem to be that for me!

Yes, I realize these flat lay undies photos are uninspiring, but I just wasn't feeling much like modeling for these, struggled to find a good indoor photo spot, and light is scarce in Vermont these days, so you only get a couple of these half-assed, stretch mark-y, maybe-she's-been-hunched-over-a-laptop-or-maybe-it's-Maybelline lunch break chonies shots. Sorry not sorry!

I made 3 pairs so far, all out of knits from my scrap bin, primarily pieces of Art gallery cotton/lycra knit that I have been hanging onto forever since they're so pretty (originally from these these throw-back projects here, here and here).

All of my undies are size D, which corresponded to my measurements and worked out well.

I sewed all three pairs exclusively on my sewing machine with a zigzag stitch. 

I used fold over elastic to finish all of them (although there is a stretch lace finishing option, too). I was a little bit apprehensive about using FOE because I haven't been very good at sewing it when it's, well, folded over. 

But the flat FOE method used by the Kapunda Undies pattern treats it more like a picot elastic where you sew it to the right side then flip it and topstitch it. Much easier! Muna and Broad have an elastic sewing video tutorial here, which was quite helpful.

I made two versions of Kapunda View A, and a colorblocked version of View B. The View B pair used Robert Kaufman Laguna cotton/lycra jersey on the side panels.

I'm looking forward to making more Kapunda Undies! I'd like to try some fancier fabrics, maybe some fabrics specifically made for lingerie. Not like I need more fabric, but I definitely need more undies!