Tuesday, December 28, 2010

Fresh Spinach Fettuccine

When I was home in Massachusetts for Christmas, I stole Martha's never-used KitchenAid pasta roller/cutter attachment. Upon returning to DC, I immediately made good use of it by making some pretty tasty spinach fettuccine... I thought making pasta would be really difficult, but it actually wasn't that bad! Time consuming and a little messy, yes, but not hard. The roller attachment certainly got the pasta significantly thinner than hand-rolled pasta I've made in the past!I used the spinach pasta recipe straight from the KitchenAid instruction/recipe booklet- pretty light and tasty, and uses ingredients you'd probably have around the house (flour, eggs, frozen spinach). Served the fresh pasta with some of the frozen roasted tomato sauce from the summer, jazzed up with some cream and Romano cheese.
Next step: ravioli!