Tuesday, January 11, 2011

Spinach "Lag" Roll-ups!

Inspired by an entry on my new favorite website, Tim and I made "lag" rolls for dinner last week, and they were really good. Inspired by recipes from Giada "Boobs" De Laurentis and Rachael Ray, we tried this somewhat unorthodox way of making spinach "lag" by rolling up the ricotta and spinach mixture in the cooked lasagna noodles... loved 'em! The rolls hold together really well and are easier to serve than traditional lasagna. I made the bechamel sauce from Giada's recipe and followed her spinach/ricotta directions, too, but I also added more veggies to the mix by sauteeing some grated carrots, mushrooms and onions in garlic and olive oil, then adding it to the marinara sauce. Pretty good!

PS: You can't abbreviate lasagna.
PPS: ok.