Tuesday, May 3, 2011

Knitted Cotton Baby Blanket

Babies, babies, babies... as I mentioned before, amongst my friends and family there is a wealth of babies being born or getting ready to be born in the next few months. I am taking this opportunity to use my expert knitting skillz,*

I thought I'd try my hand at a project a little bigger than my scarf. Namely a baby blanket, which is basically a wide, short scarf. Ta da!

I loosely based the blanket on this pattern (mostly just to get a sense of generally how many stitches it would take me to get the width I wanted), and rather than use different colored yarns to make stripes, I used a pretty variegated cotton yarn that you can regularly find on sale for super cheap at most of the craft stores: Lily Sugar N' Cream Stripes in "Violet Stripes."

* My "skillz" consist of doing one stitch, the garter stitch, repetitively.