Monday, July 25, 2011

Cupcakes for Baby Mamas

More baby mamas = more cupcakes... this time Kate (of turtle fame) is the baby mama being showered, and the cupcakes I baked are yellow cake with chocolate frosting and rainbow sprinkles, and strawberry with strawberry buttercream.The strawberry cupcakes, based on a recipe from the self-proclaimed originator of the cupcake craze, Sprinkles, were amazing. I got the recipe from the Other Martha, and my only comment is that if that's what all of Sprinkles' cupcakes taste like, they earned their glowing reputation. The recipe was super easy and took advantage of some of the local strawberries I picked earlier this summer and froze. I'm not normally a strawberry cupcake person because of the weird fake strawberry flavor I normally think of, but these cupcakes are so moist, with a real strawberry flavor. Plus the frosting has an amazing bright pink color, so no need for artificial food coloring!

The yellow cupcakes were less impressive, sadly... decent, but not as moist and yellow-y as I was hoping. Not enough egg yolks? Not sure where they went wrong. Next time I think I might try the "best birthday cake" from Smitten Kitchen...