Thursday, September 8, 2011

Martinis for Theresa

My grandmother passed away last month after a long life full of good times, good food and good martinis. In the middle of Hurricane Irene, we drank martinis in her honor. We drank them the way she liked them: bone dry with Beefeater gin. Ideally we would have chilled the gin in advance and used martini glasses, but the hurricane put a damper on our plans. Literally.

Here's how you make them (a skill all of Theresa's grandchildren had down to a T since we were kids):

1. Chill the glass by filling it with lots of ice and cold water

2. Once chilled, empty out the ice and water

3. Splash a small amount of vermouth in the glass and swirl it around

4. Toss the vermouth out

5. Fill the glass with Beefeater gin

6. Add your garnish... a twist of lemon or a stick of olives will do

7. Drink to Theresa