Saturday, March 17, 2012

Envelope-Back Batik Pillowcases

 Tim and I just bought a big wooden daybed to use as our living room couch in our apartment here in Jakarta, and although it came with a bunch of big, solid-color, silk pillows, it needed some smaller, printed pillows both for comfort and for a little bit of visual interest.  I decided to make some out of batik, of course, the national fabric of Indonesia and an official UNESCO "Intangible Cultural Heritage."

I've found places that sell batik by the yard, as opposed to already made into stuff...  the hand-made kind seems to come in 2 1/4 meter lengths (it's apparently the right length for the traditional sarong), which is enough to make a pillow cover and a Sorbetto top... win-win!!

I made my pillows with an envelope-back, using this tutorial. Ridiculously easy.  So easy that I am tempted to make a whole bunch of different batik covers and switch them out regularly.  This could get dangerous.